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 Studio Space




                            TDS RENTAL POLICIES_____


Parties:  Birthday, Showers, Anniversaries, etc


·         $50/hour studio rental

·         $50 clean-up fee

·         $50 refundable security deposit against damage and extraordinary mess

·         $20 for table and chairs setup



 Defining Class/event hourly Rate                                                                

 Privates  1 to 2 students                                                  $15/hr


 More than 2 students is considered a class

Classes/event between 3 and 6                                      $20/hr

Classes/event between 7 and 15                                    $25/hr

Classes/event between 16 and 20                                  $30/hr

Classes/event between 21 and 30                                  $35/hr

Classes/event between 31 and 40                                  $40/hr

Classes/event between 41 and 60                                 $50/hr

Classes/event over 60                                                    $60/hr


Cleaning fees                                                                  $50.00

When food and beverages are involved in your event, there is a $50 fee for studio clean-up.


Discount for same day multiple hour workshop/events

Note:  The way the number of “total people” for the event/workshop is determined by the total number of people paying at the door.


·        1st hour 25 people pay admission.

·        2nd hour, additional 25 people pay admission.

·        3rd hour, additional 15 people pay admission.

·        Total 65 paid admission for 3 hours

Rent for the studio for above 60 people for 3 hours is (refer to chart) $170.00


Understanding your time of usage

The start and stop time on the calendar is your time. If you are still using the studio past your scheduled end time by playing music, dancing, teaching or for any reason other than wrapping up your event then it is only fair to pay for the extra time.


Time slot ownership for weekday (for repeated use).

To own your timeslot you must use the studio the same weekday at a minimum of two hours and minimum hour rate of $30/hr ($35/hr; $40/hr; $50/hr; $60/hr– for which ever category you fit).

 You will not be charged for cancellations because of illness or inclement weather or competing special events as long as I am notified before your cancelled event.  If not notified you will be charged $25


Time slot weekend ownership

Same requirements as weekday ownership except you need only a minimum of one Saturday or Sunday of the month. The two hour minimum is any 2 hour period (consecutive hours) of the day or night.


If you do not meet the minimum requirements for ownership then you can still book at TDS but can get bumped (with advanced notice) by someone who will meet the minimum or large workshop/event. If this is a special workshop or event that has been booked in advance I will not bump this event.



Additional Details regarding Class-Size Rates: 

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